Chamber Welcomes Progress on New Dublin Water Source

Dublin Chamber has welcomed the news that Irish Water intends to proceed with the construction of a new water source for the Eastern and Midlands Region.

Irish Water has confirmed plans to progress with the Water Supply Project, which will see water extracted from the River Shannon and piped to Dublin and the wider Eastern and Midlands Region.

Dublin Chamber said a new water source for Dublin is urgently-needed and long-overdue. Aebhric McGibney, Director of Public & International Affairs at Dublin Chamber, said that according to studies since the 1990s Dublin and its surrounding counties are facing debilitating water shortages, unless a major new source is developed.

“We’ve been talking about plans and proposals for too long. All the while, the day when Dublin runs out of water moves closer. Irish Water has now identified the best option to meet the Eastern and Midlands Region’s long-term needs. What the people and businesses of Ireland need now is for the procastinating to stop and for the work on the project to begin as soon as possible.”

Dublin Chamber said that Dublin’s water supply is on a knife-edge on a daily basis. “Every day, about 98% of our total capacity is used up, while most European capitals use about 80%. This issue has been apparent for years, and yet nothing has been done,” noted McGibney.

“In 2013, water shortages crippled the city, affecting hotels, restaurants, businesses and consumers. More recently, bad weather events have led to water rationing in Dublin and Wicklow. These incidents harm our competitiveness and international reputation and they are only going to get more frequent as Dublin grows – unless action is taken,” he added.