€600,000 Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency Project Success

The International Energy Research Centre (IERC) and the Tyndall National Institute have jointly secured €600,000 in energy research funding to deliver the H2020 ‘RECO2ST Project’ a new energy research initiative that will demonstrate how buildings can be renovated to use ‘near zero energy’.

The project builds on a previous IERC supported project titled ROWBUST1, an energy harvesting wireless sensor deployment assisting simulation model. Mike Hayes, Principal Investigator with Tyndall, and the IERC research team, will collaborate to develop ROWBUST’s next evolution while creating business models for various deployment scenarios.

Mike Hayes described how the project will offer real-world examples of near zero building retrofit in Ireland, UK, Denmark, Switzerland and Spain, utilising different construction methods as well as exploiting ICT to improve monitoring and control without compromising comfort or air quality.

“We will investigate the potential for reduced installation costs associated with technologies, such as smart windows with pre-heating and cooling technology, ventilation heat recovery and photovoltaic panels, and enhanced technology payback recovery.”

In terms of project objectives, Mike Hayes said RECO2ST was a practical demonstration of industry and academic collaboration; “the IERC, Tyndall National Institute and United Technologies (UTRC) Ireland collectively work together to enhance building management systems, improve comfort in buildings, assist with deployment of wireless sensors, and provide guidance on regulatory engagement associated with Ireland’s NZEB development”.

Prof Tony Day, Executive Director of the IERC, added that the collaborative research is advancing a number of cost efficient and energy saving technologies. “The timing of this initiative is important as it will potentially make a contribution to Ireland’s development of Near Zero Energy Buildings (‘nZEBs’) retrofit market.”

1 The IERC’s ROWBUST system (Robust Wireless Sensor for Building Usage Technologies), is a smarter and user-friendly building energy management solution with the potential to increase savings of 10-30% in energy costs for most buildings, and up to 70% for older buildings, by improving installation methods and reducing maintenance. Visit: www.ierc.ie/news/rowbust-project-success/