Following a recent report on RTE’s Drivetime programme ‘Could a Grenfell Tower disaster happen here?’ Dublin City Council’s chief executive totally rejects the impression created by the report that the operational capacity of Dublin Fire Brigade is seriously inadequate both in terms of manpower and vehicles/equipment.

The report, which featured an interview with Brian Murray of the National Fire Fighters’ Association, claimed that Dublin Fire Brigade was inadequate in this regard.

“The fact that this is not the case has been confirmed by an independent external review of DFB,” noted Owen Keegan, as he rejected the programme’s suggestion that the brigade’s fire prevention staffing levels are inadequate.

“Following recent recruitment campaigns, Dublin Fire Brigade now has a full complement of operational staff and of professional Fire Prevention staff.”

The recent Grenfell Tower disaster in London has again highlighted the importance of building control regulations in Dublin, according to DCC’s chief executive Owen Keegan.

“In this regard it is unfortunate that the programme made no reference to recent reforms in the Building Control regime, which will strengthen the certification process. In addition, Dublin City Council will shortly be introducing an independent inspection regime for new buildings.” This, he said, will involve multiple inspections at various stages of development to ensure full compliance with Part B of the Building Regulations.

“While there can be no grounds for complacency and there’s significant scope for improvement and reform in the brigade, the cause of fire safety in Dublin is not served by grossly misrepresenting the actual position in relation to the operational capacity of Dublin Fire Brigade or its fire prevention service,” Keegan said.