Dublin is getting ready to host the 32nd International Congress on Occupational Health – ICOH 2018 – which takes place from Sunday 29 April to Friday 4 May at the Convention Centre.

The week-long event will be organised by the International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) in association with the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. It event will be supported by a number of agencies including Fáilte Ireland,

ICOH 2018 is geared towards occupational health professionals such as doctors, nurses, academic and government researchers, industry, policy makers and regulators, and it will particularly welcome students, including graduate students and post-doctoral trainees.

Objectives of ICOH 2018

  • To collaborate with the ICOH Scientific Committees, Board Members and Regional/National Secretaries to offer a challenging programme;
  • To cover a wide range of occupational, safety and health topics demonstrating how research translates into excellence in practice;
  • To advance research and evidence-based approaches in occupational safety and health by promoting local, regional and global examples;
  • To offer plenary, semi-plenary, mini-symposia, seminars, workshops, worksite visits, special and oral sessions to demonstrate the scope of occupational safety and health practice and how that can effectively protect and promote the health of all workers.

The conference will have many different elements, including keynote speeches, semi-plenary sessions, symposia and special poster sessions, to discuss this year’s theme: ‘Occupational Health and Wellbeing: Linking Research to Practice’.

For more information and to register for the conference visit www.icoh2018.org and for all other queries email icoh2018@conferencepartners.ie