The world’s leading trade fair congress for safety, security and health at work –  which takes place for the first time in New Delhi on 6-8 March – is extending its portfolio to include the occupational safety and health exhibition (INOS+H Expo) in India.

The trade fair will be held at the Vigyan Bhavan Exhibition Centre in New Delhi, in parallel with the occupational safety conference of the International Social Security Association (ISSA), entitled ‘Vision Zero’.

Forming the focal points of the exhibition will be Safety at Work/Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Health Promotion and Security Management at Work. These themes are gaining ever-increasing importance in India’s current economic climate, and as a market and investment destination for foreign companies.

3. INOSH Expo India“A joint commitment to occupational safety is a key element of economic relations between India and Germany. The Indian State of Maharashtra as well as the National Safety Council have been collaborating since 2010 with German Social Accident Insurance (Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung – DGUV) and the Employers’ Liability Insurance for the Construction Industry BG BAU,” noted Birgit Horn, Director and Global Head at Messe Düsseldorf for the A+A event portfolio,” explained Birgit Horn, Director and Global Head at Messe Düsseldorf for the A+A event portfolio.

“This has hugely improved working conditions, particularly in the Indian construction industry. With the INOS+H Expo’s focus on personal protective equipment and working safely at heights, together with our partner ISSA we offer a sectoral platform unique in the region where experts can exchange ideas and new market shares can be fostered and created in India. Forming an ideal supplement to the trade fair will be the concurrent “Vision Zero” conference,” she added.

India’s Minister of Labour has also announced strategies for improving working conditions and the health of workers and families in the second most populous country in the world (with its 1.25 billion inhabitants). These strategies are being supported by Germany as a trading partner.

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