Electric Vehicle Summit 2022 will see key influencers and change makers come together at Dublin’s RDS on 9 November to share plans in supporting the delivery of 194,000 electric cars and vans by the middle of the decade.

In response to the fast-paced growth of the EV market in Ireland, the 5th Annual Electric Vehicle Summit aims to provide a platform for strategic conversations, in a bid to overcome barriers to market development.

In addition to the main conference programme this year’s summit will include an exhibition space, showcasing the main players and innovators leading the electric change.

As fuel prices soar, many drivers are moving to electric vehicles much sooner than initially planned, with both private and commercial vehicle owners now looking to the government and industry for the information and stability they need to make this transition. 

Challenges around model supply and affordability, access to charging infrastructure, fluctuating energy costs and range anxiety continue to be ongoing. With an increase in the demand for EVs, now seen as one of the key avenues to achieving transport sector decarbonisation, motoring analysts claim it’s imperative for industry and government to work closely together to ensure the adoption of electric vehicles is successful and sustainable.  

For further information visit https://evsummit.ie