The Office of the Planning Regulator (OPR) has launched a new, innovative and user-friendly application, allowing users to quickly and easily calculate the different stages and timeframes for city and county development plans.

Click here for details of the new plan-making calculator.

After submitting basic details such as date and stage of a development plan, users are then provided with details of all phases of the plan, ranging from pre-draft to the making of the plan, as well as the corresponding dates for each stage.

Niall Cussen , OPR’s Chief Executive and Head Planning Regulator,  said that the new calculator will be of huge benefit to anyone with an interest in how the development plan for their area is progressing.

“Previously, trying to accurately pinpoint the precise dates and deadlines for different stages of the development plan could be unwieldly and complicated. This new tool completely streamlines the process, making it quick, easy and accessible.”

Ireland’s Head Planning Regulator Niall Cussen

Members of the public can immediately find out the estimated dates for public consultation, while planners and statutory contributors to development plans will have a valuable resource for tracking the different stages of the plan.

“The project is part of the OPR’s drive to increase innovation in the planning process, making it more widely understood and facilitating more public engagement in planning,” he added.