Wexford Marine Watch (WMW) was presented with an award by the Lifesaving Foundation for its work in significantly reducing the number of people lost through suicide in Wexford Harbour, since the charity was established six years ago.

The presentation of the special ‘Recognition Award’ took place in Wexford Town so that its members could fully participate in the event on 27 November 2018, in the presence of the Mayor of Wexford, County Council Members, and representative of the local emergency services.

Wexford’s Cllr George Lawlor, WMW Chairperson, said: “Since its formation in December 2012 Wexford Marine Watch has been an integral part of the Wexford community. The organisation has enjoyed the full support of statutory and non-statutory agencies in Wexford. We work very closely with the emergency services, and An Garda Síochána provides us with key support.”

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris pictured with Wexford’s Cllr George Lawlor, WMW Chairperson.

He said the charity has played a key role in combating the scourge of suicide in the Wexford Bridge and Harbour area. “We have been able to drastically reduce the number of people lost through suicide in Wexford Harbour because our volunteers enjoy the support of the entire community of Wexford. We are both grateful and proud of this fact,” he added.

According to the Lifesaving Foundation’s Chairperson Brendan Donohoe, this award goes some way to shine a light on WMW’s efforts during unsociable hours, at weekends, in all seasons and in all weathers, away from the public eye.

“Lifesaving Foundation research has shown that intervention at the scene is of critical importance when an event happens. These interventions stop the distressed individuals harming themselves and with proper follow-up care they seldom make repeat attempts to harm. This good work has a huge beneficial effect in the wider community as families, friends and emergency services are saved from the trauma of dealing with these events and their aftermath,” Donohoe noted.

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