Mid-term Review of Europe 2020 Strategy

The review seeks public input on how the overarching vision for achieving growth and job creation in Europe, and the associated headline targets in key particular policy fields, should be adapted to the different context of a post-crisis scenario.

The consultation covers the scope, nature, instruments, ownership and delivery of the strategy and follows closely upon a recent policy paper, ‘Taking stock of the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth’.

This paper gave a very mixed assessment of the extent of progress on the various thematic targets to date at EU level, with particular concerns over the employment, research and development and poverty reduction goals, and at national level, where performance levels vary markedly from one member state to another.

Feedback received in response to the questionnaire will be used to inform the Commission’s proposals for the future development of the strategy in early 2015. In the spirit of cooperation between the EU and the Member States that instigated the strategy in 2010, it is hoped to incorporate experiences and best practices in relation to relevant policy actions and initiatives as developed and implemented at all levels, including the local, into this process. Deadline for submissions: 31 October. Details: www.bit.ly/1mbH4tI