Approximately 100 outdoor and indoor staff from Cork City Council are now part of a Park Ranger Social Distancing Team, operating across 25 large City Council parks and walkways.

Their duties are to encourage park and walkway users to practice social distancing.  Each park and walkway is staffed by a team of four rangers wearing distinctive hi-viz vests bearing a clear 2 metre COVID-19 social distance message, together with the Cork City Council logo.  The rangers work in pairs in shifts spread across seven days from 11am until 6pm.

David Joyce, Director of Services of the Operations Directorate, overseeing city parks, said: “There has been very positive feedback from the public to the measure, and a great willingness from the redeployed staff to co-operate fully with the initiative.”

Induction training was provided to the new park rangers in advance and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) provided.

Cork’s Lord Mayor Cllr John Sheehan thanked community organisations helping to support the park rangers’ efforts. “As well as city council mobile welfare facilities (toilets and canteens), we have also received great co-operation from sports clubs and community associations in allowing our park rangers to use their facilities when located near parks, despite most being closed during the crisis.”