Safety and health professionals across the world have joined together to form 1Wish – the Global Coalition of Women in Safety and Health – to promote inclusion across the health and safety profession.

The coalition aims to forge positive, productive links between the various health and safety networks around the globe, and to bring about positive change and support better communication about the role and inclusion of women and other minority groups in the industry.

The coalition’s inaugural congress will be held in partnership with HSE Global Series virtually on 9 March, to coincide with International Women’s Day, using the theme #ChooseToChallenge. A further congress, which is planned for the autumn, will focus on the issue of inclusion.

Anne Gardner-Aston, chair of 1Wish, said: “Women have so much to offer in the health and safety sector, but they are often overlooked or struggle to get their voices heard. Our members will work together to communicate and support each other in order to find solutions to common issues.”

She notes that important work is being undertaken by women in safety networks around the world. “Without seeking to direct the work of these organisations, we are working together globally to uplift, support and share experiences with the aim of achieving greater diversity and inclusion within the profession.”

Louise Hosking, co-founder of 1WISH, pointed out that the coalition aims to create new opportunities and greater visibility via these networks, particularly showcasing the work of under-represented groups.

“We want to promote creativity, innovation and mentoring in our industry by combining our skills and knowledge in order to assist career development. The coalition also includes emerging networks from countries with less established regulatory frameworks or with specific challenges from whom all members can learn.”

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