EUROPE: ‘Stop the Pandemic’ action plan for healthy workplaces

Under the tagline, ‘Healthy Workplaces Stop the Pandemic’ an initiative has been launched by EU-OSHA to address the occupational health and safety challenges linked to the current pandemic, offering a range of workplace guidance on Covid-19.

Resources include EU guidance to limit the spread of the virus and on preventive measures for a safe and healthy return to workplaces; information on how to minimise exposure to biological agents; awareness-raising videos and a range of links to good practice material from EU and international organisations.

The action plan is linked in with the European Agency’s Lighten the Load campaign on musculoskeletal disorders, which will be launched in October. However, the pre-campaign website already offers practical guides, tools and visual resources for healthy home-based teleworking.Follow the hashtags #EUhealthyworkplaces and #StopthePandemic on social media.

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