A new competition for the best designs of energy-efficient home extensions to Near Zero Energy Building (NZEB) standards, with a €3,000 prize fund up for grabs, has been launched by a partnership of stakeholders led by Tipperary County Council and Tipperary Energy Agency.

In a bid to deliver the Tipperary Sustainable Energy Action Plan and to achieve a low carbon economy for citizens and communities of Tipperary, the ‘Sustainable Tipp’ partnership the competition for designers and home-owners nationally who have designed or added an extension to NZEB standards.

Judging will be on the plans and details submitted to The closing date for entries, which will be accepted for projects based in the Republic of Ireland only, is 31 July 2020, with the winners to be announced in the autumn.

“The need for climate action is an important challenge facing Ireland and the delivery of homes with a nearly zero energy requirement will bring many benefits in the form of warmer homes, local economic development and lower emissions,” noted Marion O’Neill, Senior Executive Officer at Tipperary County Council.

She said that the design competition for the best extension of a home to Near Zero Energy Building (NZEB) standard is a great way for ‘Sustainable Tipp’ to promote the sustainable extension and upgrade of homes.

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