Draft legislation to deliver the Programme for Government’s commitment for a directly elected mayor with executive functions for Limerick is due to be published, and the government’s approval has been welcomed by Kieran O’Donnell TD, Minister of State for Local Government and Planning.

The election will be held on the same date as the 2024 Local and European Elections, to be held between 6-9 June 2024. Having a directly elected mayor will enable the people of Limerick to have a greater say over the delivery of services and infrastructure and how the city develops, as they voted for by plebiscite, according to Kieran O’Donnell, Minister of State for Local Government and Planning.

“A key milestone to having the first directly elected mayor in Ireland, it’s also one of the most significant reforms of local government since the foundation of our state, with Limerick leading the way.”

The Government has also signed off on the publication of the Local Government (Mayor of Limerick) Bill 2023, which establishes the office of mayor and its mayoral functions, sets out the governance structures to support that office and provides a code for the election of the mayor. It also makes provision for holding plebiscites in other local authority areas on the question of whether to directly elect a mayor.

Minister O’Donnell added: “The directly elected mayor will take on many of the executive functions which currently rest with the chief executive, in addition to a host of new functions, supported by a budget to implement the mayor’s programme and priorities.

“This legislation provides the Mandate, Structures and Means to deliver on the ambition of the office of the first directly elected Mayor of Limerick. It provides a major opportunity for Limerick to forge an enhanced local government. There is huge potential to develop service delivery and accountability locally, and to add value for all the people of Limerick.

“Limerick City and County Council will be a very different local authority from the other 30 local authorities – working with councillors and all stakeholders, a directly elected mayor will be a champion for Limerick city and county and will have a place-making role for the county and region.”